Very Cheap Car Insurance No Deposit and a used Car

The easy way out

We have a family car that I use with the kids every day. My husband primarily commutes to work on his motorcycle, which is great. It’s cheap to maintain, uses less gas, and he absolutely loves it. Want to know when it’s not great? When it rains or snows. Because then I have to pile the kids in the car bright and early every morning and drive him to work. Then, I have to drag the kids to pick him up again at the end of the day.

This was obviously not ideal. It wasn’t a big deal the first year because the older kids were little and we had more free time. But as they got older and wanted to participate in afterschool activities and sports, it wasn’t really working anymore. And, yes, he could have taken the bus but with the way the schedules ran, it would make his work day a few hours longer. Believe me, after spending the whole day at home with the toddler, I am more than ready for him to be home on time.

Anyway, we decided the best way to go was to buy a used car. There wasn’t any point in spending a lot of money on a car that he was only going to drive when it rained or during the few super cold and icy months of the year.
We set out on a mission. We wanted a compact car with good gas mileage that would make up for all the gas our minivan ate up. These days, it’s super easy to find what you’re looking for because everything’s online. I mean, all we had to do was fill out a form about what we were looking for and, like magic, we got a listing of used cars for sale in our area. We used this site to find used cars for sale near us:

Now, we have 2 cars and I couldn’t be happier. During the winter, I’ve literally gained hours in my days. Plus, I no longer have to sit in a rush hour traffic even though I don’t have to work. I mean, that’s one of the biggest perks about working at home, right? No traffic!

Another great thing that we weren’t really expecting is how much my husband absolutely loves the car. I mean, he named it and everything. I guess he was sick of having to get a ride to and from work everyday, too. After buying the car we started looking for insurance.

Very cheap car insurance no deposit

That’s when we stumbled on no deposit car insurance. We quickly got some quotes on this website: and realized we’ve been overpaying on car insurance the past few years, and not by a little. By a lot! So that’s why I always recommend price shopping to my friends now. Your insurance company is probably overcharging you! Very cheap car insurance no deposit works great for us because we didn’t need to put any money down, but the coverage isn’t as good as full coverage. So keep that in mind.


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Is It Even Worth It To Get Full Coverage Auto Insurance

Full Coverage Auto Insurance, is it worth it?

My auto insurance company mailed me a letter the other day saying that it’s time for me to renew. I’ve been with them for a while now and every time I expect to see a lower insurance quote than I did the year before and each year I am left disappointed. Sometimes that quote is the same amount I’m already paying and often times it’s a little bit more. But never less. You’d think that there’d be some kind of loyalty and rewards they could offer long time customers like me and cut me some slack on the price. How naïve of me.

I feel like I should and can be paying a lot less than I am currently so I went through my policy to see if I could stick with the same company but just take some things out of my agreement in order to cut costs.

It got me thinking; Do I really need full coverage car insurance?

I’ve been driving forever and haven’t had an accident in years, in any way shape or form. No big crashes and no little knocks, yet I’m covered for things that are extremely unlikely to happen. I called up my insurance company and told them about the changes I wanted to make and to see what kind of discount it would net me. I removed a lot of coverage that I had but the drone on the other end of the phone told me that the savings I would make but would be so low as to be pointless.

Rather than renew over the phone, I waited for a few days and mulled things over. I still have a few weeks left of coverage so there’s no rush on my part. I realised that even though I’m unlikely to ever have to make a claim for the majority of things that I’m covered for, it is nice to know that I am covered for them. If anything were too happen, no matter how rare or how crazy, I would be ok. The insurance company would take care of it. Unlike my friends who bought very cheap car insurance no deposit, but have almost zero coverage.. I looked to it here:  but decided against it. Even if it was cheap.

Now, I might not stick with the same company, but I think that I’ll try and cut my costs in other ways when I renew rather than cutting down on my full coverage.

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It All Comes Down to Who Has the Cheapest Car Insurance

Who Has the Cheapest Car Insurance? Find out

I have finally figured out a way to purchase my dream car without breaking the bank. The key is to find the car at a great wholesale price and have it covered with the company who has the cheapest car insurance.Found it here: . This is my only option because this dream car of mine comes equipped with a raging engine and lots of power. There is no way that I can pay the average insurance rates out there today.

I have checked a few places and found that some online companies will cover me with very little money down and cheap monthly payments. I know many are asking why I won’t just wait to buy my dream car. I know that may sound like the sensible thing to do but I have reached the age where I know it won’t be long before I find my mate and start a family. I don’t think she will be too accepting of my speed racer and the two seats aren’t ideal for a wife and baby either. Yes. I know that I’m thinking way ahead of the game but time passes by so quickly and I want to have an opportunity to enjoy the wheels I purchase.

I have scoured the internet and found three that are in the color that I want and am sure this will be my week to purchase. I made sure to obtain three insurance quotes and it really all comes down to has the cheapest car insurance. Although my new car will be a force on the streets, I don’t have any intentions of racing it or putting myself in dangerous situations. I do understand that accidents can happen at any time and I need to have quality coverage. Therefore, I am certain that the company I am using offers good coverage. The reviews are great and I personally know three people that have been with them for more than five years with no issues.

I look forward to pulling up to the basketball court and seeing the expression on the face of my friends when they see I have bought the car I’ve talked about for years. A few of them doubted that I would ever own one and some said I couldn’t get it because the insurance alone would kill me. Guess what? I’m driving and saving with these cheap insurance rates and I couldn’t be happier.

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Nora’s Rant: Why I Won’t Get a Payday Loans

I was thinking about payday loans the other day. And what would be a justifiable reason to take one out.

  1. Medical emergencies

If someone in my family got sick and I was left with big medical bills to pay. Of course, a quick and easy loan would take the pressure off.

  1. Redundancy

If I lost my job (touch wood I won’t) and couldn’t afford my mortgage repayments then a payday loan could keep a roof over mine and my families head. Sensible. A payday loan seems like the lesser of two evils.

  1. Unexpected travel

Not recreational travel, but if someone I love got sick overseas then I may have to travel to them. Understandable.

The above are 3 of the top, universally accepted, reasons according to trusted authority and voice of the nation, Google.

Below are the first 3 reasons that my warped brain came up with as reasons to run out to a company offering payday loans near me. And also the best 3 reasons I have to forbid myself from entertaining the idea. I clearly can’t be trusted.

  1. Travel

Not unexpected emergency travel. Instead, my initial thought was, that if ever my friends are heading somewhere really cool a payday loan could get me on that plane. I mean if all of my friends were going, I can’t not, right? Or what if I’m getting dangerously low on vitamin D and the only cure is a trip to the beach?

  1. Plastic surgery

If ever I get so sick of being told I have a ‘tall nose’. I could well wake up one day and decide that I can’t take it for a day longer and need to get it fixed. Surely then a payday loan would class as emergency medical treatment.

  1. A new car

I can’t honestly say I have the self-control and patience to wait until payday for those last few hundred dollars for a new car. And I do need a reliable car. To get to my job to actually pay off the loan. That goes for anything I may want to buy.

On second thoughts. Maybe I should be searching for payday loans near me. To fund the therapy I so clearly need.


Nora’s guide to finding cheap car insurance near you

Alright ladies it’s time for one of Nora’s “epic” guides. I’m going to show you how to find and compare car insurance. The world is changing, and we gotta change with it. One way is by using technology!

The consistent growth of technology has caused many changes in the world, especially the way people shop. Most potential customers surf the web prior to making a purchase. They are searching for quality, comparable cost and assessing their options. This happens in almost every industry, especially when people are searching for auto insurance quotes. It may seem risky at first. However, careful research and a positive approach can lead you to the best full coverage car insurance available when shopping online for car insurance quotes.

Shopping Options

There are a couple ways to approach the online purchase of auto insurance. You may choose to visit the website of individual coverage providers. These sites will provide all the information about the variety of options they offer for insurance. A second option is to access quotes via websites that allow rate comparison among several coverage providers.  Both are credible options, but the latter puts all your options in one place. Once you find one or more that appeals, you can visit the private sites for more clarity.

Factor in Your Budget

Car insurance is important, and so is the amount you pay for the premium. Prior to your online shopping, determine the amount you will be able to pay. Understand that price is not the sole factor when purchasing auto insurance, but it should be greatly assessed. The number of people that purchase a policy they can’t afford is quite high. It makes sense to consider your budget before obtaining a policy to be certain that you can afford it. Late payments can evolve into missed payments, which could lead to the cancellation of the policy. Once the policy lapses, more severe consequences can occur, such as tickets, suspension of license and increased rates in the future.


Once you have considered the above and gathered all your information, you can begin shopping and apply for insurance quotes. It is recommended that you seek a minimum of three quotes from various companies. You will find that different providers will offer a variety of premiums. The options are based on certain factors such as driving history, discounts and rewards and the coverage that best suits the needs of the driver.

Online shopping for car insurance does not have to be impersonal. Any questions can usually be answered via online chat, phone or by visiting the nearest office if applicable.

How much you pay for car insurance per month will depend on how hard to shop around. So shop around a lot! Compare and compare! Here’s two of the sites I use to find cheap car insurance: