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Nora’s Rant: Why I Won’t Get a Payday Loans

I was thinking about payday loans the other day. And what would be a justifiable reason to take one out.

  1. Medical emergencies

If someone in my family got sick and I was left with big medical bills to pay. Of course, a quick and easy loan would take the pressure off.

  1. Redundancy

If I lost my job (touch wood I won’t) and couldn’t afford my mortgage repayments then a payday loan could keep a roof over mine and my families head. Sensible. A payday loan seems like the lesser of two evils.

  1. Unexpected travel

Not recreational travel, but if someone I love got sick overseas then I may have to travel to them. Understandable.

The above are 3 of the top, universally accepted, reasons according to trusted authority and voice of the nation, Google.

Below are the first 3 reasons that my warped brain came up with as reasons to run out to a company offering payday loans near me. And also the best 3 reasons I have to forbid myself from entertaining the idea. I clearly can’t be trusted.

  1. Travel

Not unexpected emergency travel. Instead, my initial thought was, that if ever my friends are heading somewhere really cool a payday loan could get me on that plane. I mean if all of my friends were going, I can’t not, right? Or what if I’m getting dangerously low on vitamin D and the only cure is a trip to the beach?

  1. Plastic surgery

If ever I get so sick of being told I have a ‘tall nose’. I could well wake up one day and decide that I can’t take it for a day longer and need to get it fixed. Surely then a payday loan would class as emergency medical treatment.

  1. A new car

I can’t honestly say I have the self-control and patience to wait until payday for those last few hundred dollars for a new car. And I do need a reliable car. To get to my job to actually pay off the loan. That goes for anything I may want to buy.

On second thoughts. Maybe I should be searching for payday loans near me. To fund the therapy I so clearly need.