Very Cheap Car Insurance No Deposit and a used Car

The easy way out

We have a family car that I use with the kids every day. My husband primarily commutes to work on his motorcycle, which is great. It’s cheap to maintain, uses less gas, and he absolutely loves it. Want to know when it’s not great? When it rains or snows. Because then I have to pile the kids in the car bright and early every morning and drive him to work. Then, I have to drag the kids to pick him up again at the end of the day.

This was obviously not ideal. It wasn’t a big deal the first year because the older kids were little and we had more free time. But as they got older and wanted to participate in afterschool activities and sports, it wasn’t really working anymore. And, yes, he could have taken the bus but with the way the schedules ran, it would make his work day a few hours longer. Believe me, after spending the whole day at home with the toddler, I am more than ready for him to be home on time.

Anyway, we decided the best way to go was to buy a used car. There wasn’t any point in spending a lot of money on a car that he was only going to drive when it rained or during the few super cold and icy months of the year.
We set out on a mission. We wanted a compact car with good gas mileage that would make up for all the gas our minivan ate up. These days, it’s super easy to find what you’re looking for because everything’s online. I mean, all we had to do was fill out a form about what we were looking for and, like magic, we got a listing of used cars for sale in our area. We used this site to find used cars for sale near us:

Now, we have 2 cars and I couldn’t be happier. During the winter, I’ve literally gained hours in my days. Plus, I no longer have to sit in a rush hour traffic even though I don’t have to work. I mean, that’s one of the biggest perks about working at home, right? No traffic!

Another great thing that we weren’t really expecting is how much my husband absolutely loves the car. I mean, he named it and everything. I guess he was sick of having to get a ride to and from work everyday, too. After buying the car we started looking for insurance.

Very cheap car insurance no deposit

That’s when we stumbled on no deposit car insurance. We quickly got some quotes on this website: and realized we’ve been overpaying on car insurance the past few years, and not by a little. By a lot! So that’s why I always recommend price shopping to my friends now. Your insurance company is probably overcharging you! Very cheap car insurance no deposit works great for us because we didn’t need to put any money down, but the coverage isn’t as good as full coverage. So keep that in mind.